We are Passionate and Determined to make a difference

Expert Staff (advice and coaching)

The background, experience and training of our staff makes Chris-Cross-Ski Fitness special. Some fitness centers are run by fitness enthusiasts who like to exercise, we believe you deserve more. At CCSF you’ll find men and women who are professionally trained in the methods and mechanics of fitness. We have the training and knowledge to help clients at every stage of their lives and health. And when you join, we will provide you with a customized fitness assessment and work with you to establish and reach your wellness goals.

We provide Motivation and accountability


All fitness levels are welcome

Our workouts are unique in the fact that a person over 40 can do the same workout as a person in there 20s. We model modifications and different intensity levels for each exercise to cater to everyone’s fitness level.

We will Increase your performance and fitness


Great workouts

You will never do the same workout twice. Every session changes and keeps you on your toes. Workouts are fun and exciting. You will get healthy and fit, and build your self-confidence.

We are Sympathetic and caring


You will make life-long friends

When you join one of our Military bootcamps you will be put through your paces not only as an individual but as a team member- to carry a medical evacuation stretcher a mile with weight etc, you have no choice but to bond with the person next to you when the going gets tough. You will be mixing with like-minded people and will be entering your second family within your Bigger social circle.

We are dedicated and enthusiastic


Friendly and approachable

we will make your sessions challenging and may at times shout to push you but certainly motivate you, apart from that we will make you feel very welcome to our groups and at ease – we are human after all.

Very Professional, Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded


Fitness, friends and more importantly fun! – What more do you want.