All Services (FAQ)

What if I am late to a class?

Sometimes these things happen - If you have booked your spot in advanced and you have turned up late during the session, you can just slide in and join the group. You will also incur a punishment exercise also, so do not be late. If you have booked on an individual session, 1:2:1 etc this will eat into your time slot that has been pre-arranged but if a no show, you will still be deducted a session from your total as it is considered as taking up a space for someone else.

What is your cancellation policy?

Sometimes things crop up and can’t attend session, if this is the case please inform us ASAP. Any changes or cancellations must be done by 12 hours before the scheduled class time or you will be deducted down and charged for the session. This will help to ensure that we can accommodate all of our clients who would like to get their sweat on.

Ski Ganging (Bounding)
Military Bootcamp
Nordic Walking
Ski Fitness