Download or Print Triathlon ChecklistPlanning is the key - ensure you have all your gear ready to go.

Don't eat anything different of what you would before a training session.

Stick to your nutrition plan.


Tri shorts, swimsuit, and/or tri suit
2 sets of goggles (pair just in case)
Swim cap
Ear plugs
Ear plugs
Disposable water bottle
Lubricant (Any sports lube, wetsuit glide, Vaseline etc)
Pre-race nutrition (gel, sports drink)


Cycling shoes
Socks (if wearing)
Gels or Nutrition bars
Water bottle(s)
Floor pump (pump tires before you leave home, leave pump in your car just in case)
Bike tools (CO2 inflator or pump, combi tool etc)
Bike gloves
Bike (Funny enough, but some have left this behind before)


Race belt
Race nutrition (gels,bars etc)


Timing chip if it has already been allocated to you – put this on as soon as possible and keep on until end of the race.
Pre-race nutrition / electrolytes
Post-race, change of clothes
Post-race recovery drink/snack with a 4:1 ratio of carbs vs. protein if you can
Transition towel
Any race licence or day licences
A Kick ass attitude!

Transition checklist – whether ready in gear bag/box or on a towel in transition

Run shoes open – zips locks or laces loose
Race belt ready
Transfers and Numbers collected with Emergancy contact details filled in
Bike is in an easy gear and been lubricated
Nutrition is on bike
Sunglasses in helmet or gear bag
Bike shoes are clipped into bike with rubber banded if you wish
Tyres pumped up to your specs – remember to let out at least 15 PSI out if it’s wet
Spare tube / tyre levers / C02 cartridge etc

Enjoy and good luck