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CCSF, MILITARY BOOTCAMP accommodates any levels of fitness/abilities and ages above 16.

But do not underestimate us, we are tough.

You will be trained by ex-serving soldiers of whom have various experience between them. They will put you through your paces and test you to your limits but all in a safe and controlled manner, getting you fitter and stronger than ever before. With the right mental attitude, discipline and a real drive to be successful we are the place for you!

Don’t be discouraged, we are here to inspire you and to ensure you realise goals you thought impossible. Our sessions are not repetitive and tedious, they are different and challenging every time. We believe in team work and working together, helping everyone out to the end.

Here at Chris-Cross-Ski Fitness, we want our clients and members to stay in touch and will continue to offer support and motivation. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a long term commitment and we will be with you along your journey. Chris-Cross-Ski Fitness, MILITARY BOOTCAMP leaves no one behind.


Before booking please be aware that we are not a regular weight-loss bootcamp. Sessions will be tough and will be in an effective military styled way. Expect the unexpected.

Are you tough enough? Can you handle it?……. How bad do you want it?


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What Level Are You?

For people who don’t exercise a great deal currently or are returning back to fitness after an injury, illness or Post-natal. We work to the ability of the group.
For those who have a reasonable standard of fitness or for any of the yellows that have worked their way up to this new group. This group will get more repetitions on exercises and have less rest than the yellow group.
This group is for the fit dudes and dudettes. They will be pushed harder than the two other groups as they will have more repetitions of exercises, less rest and will be to their limits and beyond. Although we have three separate ability groups we work as a team and include everyone. As a class you will bond and get to know other Bootcampers, like-minded people, getting fitter together.